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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Hello all! And welcome to my brand *spanking* new site! (Pun most definitely intended!)

A short while ago I decided it would be a great idea to set up a completely separate site from my modelling work, to focus on my increasing progression into fetish modelling, webcamming, content making and disciplinarian services - and I’ve (FINALLY!) gotten round to it. Hoorah.

I‘ve been modelling for many years (more years than I care to admit to!), but focusing more on portraiture, commercial and artistic nude. About 7 years ago, I started working for a couple pay-to-view fetish sites - and I had and absolute blast! Gradually, as the years past, I started working increasingly for fetish sites and making fetish and glamour content of my own. I’ve always found fetishes utterly fascinating, so I’m very grateful and proud to be a small part of this industry. Whilst I do still attend portraiture and art photoshoots, my primary work is fetish shoots, webcamming, content-producing and now I’m beginning sessions as a spanking top/bottom.

I was, I admit, very slow getting into spanking/corporal punishment. It was something I’d been wanting to do for years, but alas, I was always too shy to talk on camera! Thankfully I finally pushed myself to do it. Three years ago (or there about), I did my first spanking video shoot (with the help of the wonderful model and well-loved spanking bottom, Ariel Anderson) for Firm Hand Spanking - and I had the best time! I was annoyed at myself for taking so long to have the courage to do it.

Spanking has since become a huge part of my life. I’ve now worked for several spanking sites and hope to work for many more.

Interestingly, whilst I am very often cast as a submissive or bottom, I am naturally dominant. I think it’s because I have a rather young-looking face perhaps, and I’ve had years of practice doing my cute ‘meek and mild‘ look. However, since I really don’t mind being spanked at all, it’s no problem for me. Plus I find it incredibly fun acting as the submissive. But... in order to satisfy my dominant side, I have been an online dominatrix (webcam/phone) and more recently, after spending many months improving my techniques on a couple exceptionally obedient submissive friends, I finally became a spanking top for paying bottoms in September... and I love it very much. I get such a fantastic thrill spanking and using various corporal punishment implements on people, so for for this to perhaps eventually override my model career one day is rather an exciting thought indeed!

Much love and stay tuned on my updates and offers!

Bunnie xxx

Image credit, Performers: Dodgy Dave, Belinda Lawson & Bunnie Stevens (performing as Helen Stephens)

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