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All services are available to anyone over the age of 21 years. All genders are welcome.  LBGTQ+ safe. A discount may be considered to fellow industry members or those in receipt of disability or income support. 


My Disciplinarian/Domme services:

These include:

  • Spanking/Impact Play: (such as OTK hand spanking and/or a variety of spanking implements; including the cane, crop, paddles and taweses).

  • Bondage 

  • Ball  Busting 

  • Cock and Ball Torture

  • Body/Foot/Boot Worship

  • Humiliation  

  • Roleplay

  • Chastity

  • JOI

  • Edging

  • CEI

  • Trampling

  • Electrics

  • Strapon Play

I'm an experienced and safe rope rigger and spanking top. I'm happy to wear a variety of quality outfits, such as PVC, Office wear and lingerie. You may wear whatever you wish and you may strip to full nude (if you ask me nicely), but I do expect you to arrive clean and well presented.

My Style of Domination:

My style, in a nutshell, is more of a relaxed one. Whilst I still expect your upmost respect - and I do not respond favourably to overtly 'bratty' behaviour - I don't expect you to crawl about on your hands and knees calling me 'Goddess or 'Mistress'. My default Domme-mode is to start with a nice up of tea and a chat before I unleash my naturally sadistic side upon you! I genuinely enjoy the company of the vast majority of my clients and over the years there are a few I would now consider friends. Many of my clients have simply wanted me to tie them up nice and securely, or to feel the rush or being spanked or caned whilst we both natter away. 


Other clients, however, like me to be very strict indeed - so if you'd prefer me to be the full-on Mistress/Goddess-style-Dominatrix, then I will VERY gladly do so *Shoehorns self into some latex and dramatically cracks a whip*   I'm not particularly shouty in my demeanour; I'm mostly stern, calm, patronising and deeply sadistic.  I have many regulars who prefer this kind of session from me.


Either way, I'm very happy to go at whatever pace is enjoyable to you - as long as I get to cause you physical or emotional discomfort at some point during the session, I really don't mind which vibe of my sadism you'd prefer. Sessions with me are normally finished with a lovely big hug (once you're fully dressed) at the end. Because I may be a sadist, but I'm not completely evil. Just mostly evil.

Coffee Meet Ups - Shopping Trips -  Events - Cash Point Meets 

Fancy meeting up and having a chat over a coffee? Or would you simply like to spoil me rotten? Or perhaps you have an event to go to and you'd like to bring along a well-spoken and well-mannered guest with you? Or are you just a bit of a Cash Cow and would like me to briefly abuse you at an ATM whilst you hand over your cash? Message me if any of these services interest you.


Or you can Spank Me!

Although I'm naturally dominant, I do work as a professional switch and I regularly perform as a submissive spanking and bondage performer for some of the top fetish and BDSM sites - And it's very clear, if you've seen my work, that I most definitely have a masochistic side! So with that, I offer sessions as a spanking bottom/rope slut et cetera... for very respectful tops. I do charge more for this service due to potential marks left will mean I will be unable to work for a few days after. 

My Promise To You: 

Your discretion is important to me. I will not discuss your name or divulge any information which is likely to disclose your identity to anyone, not even to my close friends and family. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and I have never outed a client, just as I have never outed a fellow sex worker. I really don't care if you're a celebrity, a politician or a sporting hero. And I don't care how famous your band is. All I care about is that you respect my boundaries at all times and that you enjoy your playtime with me.

The only instance I would ever 'out' you is if you were to assault me in anyway - which would lead me to report you to the police.

Where I can be found: 

I'm based in Hampshire, UK and I can work from a venue in Portsmouth,  but I also travel around the UK and Europe for sessions. Occasionally, I arrange tours for sessions and photo/video shoots, so keep an eye on my socials for travel updates - I'm very often in London, Kent and the Midlands


But if you simply can't wait until my next tour, just go ahead book me and I'll come straight to you! In these instances, I will expect travel costs, and if I'm travelling a very long distance, my accommodation,  to be covered. I also have a valid passport. 


Please note;

  • Strictly age 21+ If you look young for your age, I will ask to see your ID.

  • Clients must arrive to sessions clean and well presented - If I ask you to shower you must do so.

  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

  • Safe words and limitations will be discussed thoroughly prior to sessions

  • If I'm needing to briefly touch intimate areas (i.e for attachment of implements, my hands will be gloved). 

Failure to comply with these terms will result in termination of the session and no refund will be given.

I will NOT consider full-contact sexual services - so no intercourse, oral sex or manual stimulation. You will not touch me inappropriately. There are many wonderful people in this industry who do offer full contact services, so please don't waste both of our times by asking me. Failure to respect my boundaries during sessions will result in immediate removal from the premises and possibly reporting you to the police.

In most instances, I will require a deposit of 50% to secure your booking.

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