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Live Sessions


My disciplinarian services include spanking (such as OTK hand spanking and/or a variety of spanking implements; including the cane, crop, paddles and taweses), rope bondage and similar requests. 

I'm an experienced and safe rope rigger and spanking top. I'm happy to wear a variety of quality outfits, such as PVC, Office wear and lingerie - I will however, not be performing discipline sessions fully nude. You however, may wear as much or as little as you wish. 

Clients must arrive to sessions clean and well presented. You must not be under the influence of drink or illegal substances. Safe words and limitations will be discussed thoroughly prior to sessions. A consent form must be signed before sessions commence. Additionally a £50 deposit will be required for a booking to be confirmed and for the venue to be secured.

Sessions currently take place at a venue in Woking

Or you can Spank Me!

Although I'm naturally dominant, I do work as a professional switch and have performed as a submissive spanking performer (and I quite enjoy it!). So I will be offering sessions as a spanking bottom for respectful tops. I do charge more for this service due to potential marks left will mean I will be unable to work for a few days after. 

Please note
I will NOT consider full-contact sexual services - so no intercourse, masturbatory services or oral. You will not touch me inappropriately and I will not touch you inappropriately. There are many wonderful women on here who do offer full contact services, so please don't waste both of our times by asking me. Failure to respect my boundaries during sessions will result in immediate removal from the premises 

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