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About Bunnie

I’m a professional UK model with over ten years experience, who specialises in fetishes. I have appeared in many of the top pay-to-view fetish sites (sometimes under the name of Helen Stephens). I perform an array of fetishes, in particular, bondage and spanking. I’m a keen actor and my work involves a mix of photo stills and short movies.

As of more recent years, I’ve been exercising my naturally dominant side and have been performing pro Dominatrix sessions online and live spanking sessions both as an experienced Top and Bottom. It’s been wonderfully enjoyable.

Additionally, I spent six years as a lap and poledancer, so you can often find me dancing around sensually in my striptease videos.

I’m available to be booked for photo/video shoots (with experienced photographers and production teams only), live sessions, webcam bookings, texting/phone services and custom videos.

Date night with Mr Stephens 🖤 #fridayni
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